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As AML & Financial Crime Investigators, conducting copious amounts of research can be time consuming. With an increase in fraud and money laundering activities; there is also an increase in workload and the expectations for analysts. We conduct several searches just to find that one link, article, document, or any piece/pieces of information that will resolve our case. And we try to do all this in a timely matter without costing our employer any money. That is quite a hefty responsibility we bare. This site was created as a guide containing various free external sources to hopefully make conducting external research a bit easier.

Thank you and Happy Researching!

*Note: This site and its contents are for research and educational purposes. You are encouraged to use these links, but please ask your manager for specific guidance and continue to follow procedures outlined through your employer.


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My name is Thamecia Bullard, CAMS. I'm an Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud, and Financial Crimes Professional with nearly 10 years of experience. I'm always looking for ways to assist analysts and thought it'd be helpful to have an external research platform to help centralize many of the tools we as professionals use everyday. I plan to update this page often with new links as I continue learning and growing in this industry.

I hope you find this website and its tools helpful. If you, have any questions or comments please contact me. I can be reached directly via LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Thamecia Bullard, CAMS

Please Note: The information and views expressed here are that of my own,  and it does not reflect the views, policies or procedures of my current employer.

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